Authorities SEB

The VS key depository is provided for the deposit of many keys, which should be saved for the unauthorized access of third persons; it´s possible to save each key separate or all together. It will be produced to the guidelines of the Bundesamt for IT Security (BSI)

Burglar protection: to BSI 7570; tested and approved.

Design: body single walled from 3 mm steel; body in one piece, all edges carefully welded, hinges and mountings 65 mm protruding, door plate min. 6 mm, door approx.. 70 mm thick, circumferental fire groove on the door; key bay doors 2 mm thick; lock and bolt work protected by hardplates against drilling

Design (inside): with inside bays (only size 0 key strip with 7 hooks possible); bay dimension: H = 70 mm, W = 160 mm, D = 95 mm; other bay dimensions available if requested; the built-in key bays have single-bit locks; each with 6 tumblers; locks are guaranteed to differ. 

Lock: strong central locking bar with 3-sided locking bolts and a mechanical combination lock; alternative to mechanical number lock an electronic keypad lock can be used; all locks correspond to the approved list of locks from the BSI

Painting: light-grey RAL 7035

Technology and details

Datasheet (PDF: 1,5 MB) of all SEB-Models

(Decorative material not included; technical subject to change)