Authorities SG 2 VS

these cabinets are for storing classified files which require a higher burglar and fire protection. They are manufactured to conform to the Bundesamt for IT Security (BSI).

Burglar protection: security rating 2 to BSI TL 03406 and TL 03408; tested and approved; the steel cabinets SG 2 VS are currently inspected by the BSI quality control during manufacture.

Fire protection: Circumferental fire groove

Design: body double walled; body from 3 mm steel from one piece, all edges rounded and carefully welded, inside body from 2 mm steel plate, hinges and mountings 65 mm protruding; door plate min. 4 mm, door 120 mm thick; door opens  180 °; external strap hinges and mountings; lock and bolt work are protected by special armoured hard plate against drilling; every opening operation is recorded in a not resettable counter.

Lock: strong central locking bar with 3-sided locking bolts and break-open resistant, double-bit security lock, lock class 3, with 13 tumblers and a combination lock which covers the keyhole in closed condition.

Painting: light-grey RAL 7035

Special features:

Type „A“ (=shelves)

Size 0 = 1 shelf

Size 1 = 2 shelves

Size 2 = 4 shelves

Type “B”:

Size 1 = 1 inside safe + 1 shelf

Size 2 = 1 inside safe + 3 shelves

Type “C”:

Size 1 = 3 inside safe

Size 2 = 3 inside safe with 1 shelf each

Type “D”:

Size 1 = 2 inside safe side by side + 1 shelf

Size 2 = 2 inside safe side by side + 3 shelves

Type “E”:

Size 1 = 6 inside safe, 2 wide-, 3 high

Size 2 = 6 inside safe, 2 wide-,3 high, with 1 shelf each

Accessories for extra charge:

  • electronic lock SECU Selo  B/C or BR instead of the serial combination lock ZKS

Technology and details

Datasheet (PDF: 1,8 MB) of all SG 2 VS-Models

(Decorative material not included; technical subject to change)