Gun Safe WSB

Long guns, handguns and munition

security rating B to VDMA 24992 (status 05/1995) rated burglar protection against mechanical and thermal type burglar tools. Fire protection to DIN 4102, with circumferental fire-groove

  • arms holder at the rear panel with pocket integrated
  • pocket at the inside of the door available for extra charge
  • cleaning rod holder at the inside of the door
  • inside-safe lockable with cylinder lock
  • door opened 180° due to external hinge straps
  • 3-sides bolt locking with steellocking bolts
  • double-bit security lock class 1 with 2 keys (90 mm), serial
  • WSB 6K with additional vertical divider and 3 adjustable shelves lateral, with approx. 210 mm

Technology and details

Datasheet (PDF: 647 KB) of all  WSB-Models

(Decorative material not included; technical subject to change)