Key Cabinets

Key Cabinet KC

boxes with 20 – 93 key hooks

Key Cabinet K

Cabinets with 30 – 300 key hooks

Key Cabinet MST 1

security rating 1 to EN 1143-1

Key Cabinet STZ

security rating S2 to EN 14450

Key Cabinet M/G/GG

Cabinets with 156 – 1092 key hooks.

Key Cabinet SB

Security rating B to VDMA 24992

Key holder strip

Key board for wall mounting, in Cabinets or Safes

Key Cabinet RS

Boxes with 20 – 150 key hooks



Key Cabinet ST

Cabinets with 64 – 200 key hooks.

Key Cabinet NSK

To attach to a wall

Mini tube-safe 176

Prepared for profile half cylinder

Key Cabinet KL / GL

Cabinets with 30 – 400 key hooks



Key Cabinet MST 0

security rating 0 to EN 1143-1

Key Cabinet SC

All models are fitted with swiveled key register

Mini tube Safe 179

With collar to cover drill hole