Key Cabinet M / G / GG

Design: Sturdy steel sheet with numbered key strips, with universally adjustable metal hooks; Inside door placed with one board. Model M one door and one swivel board inside, models G an GG double-leaved and with two opposed swiveling boards inside. The swivel boards are mounted with key strips on both sides. Additional key strips can be ordered retrofitted. Cabinets with 156 – 1092 key hooks. Model G and GG supplied as hanging cabinet or stand model with square tube frame. (the stand type requires an additional wall mounting)

Lock: Model M – precision cylinder lock, 2 nickeled keys serial. Model G and GG – precision cylinder lock with basquil locking bolts, 2 nickeled keys serial

Painting: Light-grey RAL 7035

Accessories for extra charge:

  • combination lock ZKS Instead of the serial double-bit lock 
  • electronical number lock EZ ePass
  • double lock (2 cylinder locks)
  • prepared for special lever cylinder
  • prepared for profiled half cylinder PHZ mounted box lock included
  • key tags in 6 different colours
  • frame for walling in for model M and G
  • tube frame for models G and GG

Technology and details

Datasheet (PDF: 622 KB) of all M-/G-/GG-Models

(Decorative material not included; technical subject to change)