Key Cabinet MST 0

Burglar protection: Security rating 0 to EN 1143-1; certified by ECB-S and VdS. Rated burglar protection against mechanical and thermal type burglar tools. Burglar protection to 30/30 RU.*)

Fire protection: Soor and walls filled with heat-resistant insulation material to DIN 4102. Circumferental fire groove. Protection against light fires.

Design: Door double walled, 87 mm thick, door plate from 10mm steel; body double walled with special reinforcement. Bush for anchorage in base. If the safe is single walled an additional  anchorage point in wall is necessary for not to loose the certification. Cabinets with up to 300 key hooks

Lock: Strong round-bolted central locking in combination with a double-bit key lock, 2 keys (90 mm) serial.

Painting: Light-grey RAL 7035

Accessories for extra charge:

  • combination lock ZKS, instead of the serial double-bit lock, flush-mounted.
  • Electronic number lock EZ, bas., flush-mounted
  • Additional combination lock ZKS to the serial double-bit lock, flush-mounted.
  • double-lock (2 double-bit-locks)
  • base (closed), height up to 900 mm; welded or screwed.
  • special painting in RAL colours
  • additional bush for anchorage in position designated; Ø = 13 mm
  • special plugs for fastening to concrete floor B25,   Ø 12 mm; length = 145 mm





Technology and details

Datasheet (PDF: 1,9 MB) of all MST 0-Models

(Decorative material not included; technical subject to change)