Key Cabinet SB

Burglar protection: Security rating B to VDMA 24992 (status 05/1995). Flush sheathing that offers no point of attack. Lock and bolt work have hardplate protection

Fire protection: Door and walls protected by high fire resistant insulation material to DIN 4102; circumferental fire groove, protection against light fires.

Design: Double walled special design from highly quality steel, around corners and edges rounded and arc welded. Door 80 mm thick with external tongues, enables doorway of 180 °. Hinges and mountings protruding 65 mm. Inside with boards draw out on full telescope rails. The first to second last are fitted with key strips on both sides, the last board only on front side. Numbered key strips with universally adjustable metal hooks, can be extended by retrofitting key strips. Cabinets with 840 – 3979 key hooks.

Lock: Double-bit security lock with at least 3 locking bolts on long side and one bolt upwards and downwards each. 2 keys (90 mm) serial

Painting : Light-grey, RAL 7035

Accessories for extra charge

  • Combination lock ZKS, instead of the serial double-bit lock
  • Electronic number lock EZ basic, angled keypad
  • Additional combination lock ZKS to double-bit lock
  • Double-lock (2 double-bit locks)
  • Special painting in RAL colours
  • key tags in 6 different colours

Technology and details

Datasheet (PDF: 2,2 MB) of all SB-Models

(Decorative material not included; technical subject to change)