Safe EN 3

Burglar protection: Security rating 2 to EN 1143-1, certified by ECB-S and VdS. Rated burglar protection against attacks with mechanical and thermal type burglar tools. Burglar protection with 80/120 RU*). Models under 1000 kg dead weight with anchorage point in base. Locking bolts on 3-sides and fixed rear grab bolts prevent the door from being opened forcefully. 

Fire protection: Door and walls filled with special armoured filling. Circumferential fire groove. The special armoured filling provides higher fire protection

Design: Multiple wall design. Door triple walled, 150 mm thick, door plate from 3 mm steel. Body double walled with special reinforcement, bush for anchorage in base.

Lock: Strong round-bolted central locking bar in combination with one double-bit key lock, (lock class 2 to EN 1300), 2 keys (190 mm) serial

Painting: light-grey RAL 7035

 *)RU = Resistant Unit Partial/full attack

Accessories for extra charge :

  • Combination lock ZKS, instead of the serial double-bit lock
  • Electronic number lock EZ code Combi B
  • Additional combination lock ZKS to doubl-bit lock
  • Double lock (2 double-bit locks)
  • Pivot key (length 190 mm), insted of the serial double-bit key
  • Inside Safe to EN 3-80        H= 130 mm
  • Inside Safe from EN 3-100   H= 200 mm
  • Inside Safe for EN 3-160      H= 200 mm
  • Inside safe for EN 3-185      H= 300 mm
  • Inside safe for EN 3-185/2   H= 350 mm (double - leafed)
  • Addtional shelf
  • Alarm accessories for burglar alarm
  • Special painting in RAL colours
  • Addtional bush for anchorage in position designed,? = 13 mm
  • Special plugs for fastening to concrete floor B25

technology and details


Datasheet (PDF: 180,7 KB) of all EN 3-Models

(Decorative material not included; technical subject to change)