Security ratings

There are different security ratings in view of safes in europe respectively worldwide. A security rating overview can be downloaded here as a PDF

There are different security ratings in view of safes in europe respectively worldwide; the certification by ECB-S (C 01 for burglary and C 02 for fire) as well as VdS (2450), which is placed on basis of the European norm EN 1143-1, will give you a guarantee for rated burglar- respectively fire-protection in each security-rating; those safes are type-tested and a constant quality is guaranteed, which is also controlled regularly; you will recognize those cabinets at the ECB-S respectively VdS-label at the inside of the safe-door.

Please notice:

These informations were placed on basis of VdS and ECB S-

Information; binding are the VdS-guideline 0691 and 2333

as well as the ECB-S references; if a burglar alarm is mounted the insurance-values will increase. This has to be arranged with the insurance.

European Security Systems Association (ESSA) e.V.European Certifi cation Boards. Security, Fire & Life Safety (ECB·S)

The European Security Systems Association, situated in Frankfurt/Main, is a neutral certification authority to EN 45011. ESSA certifies products for protection against burglary and fires as well as high-security-locks. The ECB-S-Certification based on the European Standards and is international admitted. 

With the ECB-S certification-button highest security-standard is guaranteed by the ESSA and so it will give highest security for investments. For the insurance industry it is a reliable basis for risk-calculation and with it actuarial rating

Typing and certification

External quality control

Warranty for high product-quality

The external quality control serves as a product-audit to improve the features assured; foundation for the

ECB-S certification is a certificated quality-management-system to ISO 9001:2000 (EN ISO 9001:2000); with the additional production supervision in the context of the external quality control it will be secured that the serial products will correspond to the certificated safes.

Security rating

Cachet for burglary

In the context of a type-checking safes to EN 1143-1 will be subjected by attacks of partial- or full-breakout. Further on the safes with a weight of <1.000 kg an anchorage-test will be done. Those kinds of products have to anchorage on the place where they will be installed.

Safes to EN 14450 lay below the security rating 0 to EN 1143-1. These products have to make the anchorage-tests too as well as tests of attacks to the safe-inside, the door and the body

Lock class:

quality-sign for locks of safes

ECB-S certificated safes (for example safes to EN 1143-1, cabinets to EN 14450) are equipped with a high-security lock to EN 1300 to ensure the promised features. Here you can use, combination-locks, cylinder-locks as well as electronic-locks.