automatic Cash Safe (see also BBA).
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Automated Teller Machine

An examination, by an independent position or internally, of the existing security policies and procedures.

Availability denotes a condition in which data, services and functions of an IT system and components of the entitled persons are usable at the required moment, in the prescribed time and in the form of assured quality. If the ratio of the total operating time with unhindered and undisturbed of an authorized user to the components of a computer system (peripheral, programs and data) to downtime and malfunction of a computer system, expressed as a percentage.
A seemingly high worth of 99.9% means a downtime of a system from about 8.7 hours, which confirms a whole working day!


The backup of file systems or files, usually to recover from data loss. A backup is generally prepared on a tape, disc or other removable media, which can be stored safely on other places.
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backup copy
The copy of important data in another medium, typically a streamer or CD. This backup copy is stored in a Data cabinet. If files get lost on a storage medium, the backup may help to restore the lost data.

Banknote machines at financial institutions. formerly AKT = automatic Teller Safe
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Abbreviation for Federal Data Protection Act. Personal data within the meaning of the Act means any information about the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual (the data subject) which require special protection.

A threat is generally a circumstance  which  can be incurred a damage . The damage refers here to a specific value, like fortune, knowledge, objects, or health. a threat transferring into the world of information technology is a circumstance that may endanger the availability, integrity or confidentiality of information in such a way that the owner of the information accrues a damage

Fumes, corrosive
Where is the fire there developed all hazardous, corrosive gases. They get  through door and wall columns or the air conditioning in the archive and can seriously damage or completely destroy data mediums.

Fire cartridge with fire protection
These fire cartridge offer an inexpensive fire protection for all important papers and valuable things that you want to protect

Federal Office for Information Security


CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)
The CERT is an security organisation, which has set itself the goal to help the operators of computer networks which are attacked by malicious users or crackers.

Certificate authority
Parent instance that enjoys widespread recognition and is authorized to issue certificates (eg VdS).




degree of resistance
Bezeichnung der Klassifizierung des Widerstandes von Wertschutzschränken nach EN 1143-1 gegen Einbruch und gewaltsamen Angriff.

data theft
Theft of sensitive information which usually available in digital form (contents of databases, passwords, etc.). Data theft falls under the computer crime, can also be run as sabotage when its not only the function of the "robbed" the computer, but also operation and management of the company concerned is impaired.

Document Cabinet
Even in modern times the filing cabinet has remained an important office furniture. Many business transactions have to be stored. This is especially true for sensitive information, like accounting folders, customer information or personal data which are managed best in lockable filing cabinets. More Info at Steel Cabinets

data integrity
This term refers to the state of files. When files are unchanged and cant get manipulated, they have integrity. If they have been manipulated, their integrity has been violated or diminished.

Data privacy
All of the standards of legal and operational arrangements for the protection of the individual against an interference to his right to privacy by dealing with their personal data.

data Security
Data security refers to the protection of data relating to a given requirements on the confidentiality, availability and integrity (is this the modern use of the term "IT security"). Data security is the cost and scope of measures that are used to safeguard and security of data on computer systems to attacks, sabotage, theft, loss, etc.

Data cabinet
Cabinet in different grades for the storage and protection of paper and magnetic data carriers of all kinds, including floppy disks and films and thermosensitive materials, which corresponds to a specific grade according to European standard EN 1047-1. Data safes have a certification for fire protection. It is divided into S 60 DIS or S 120 DIS (ie 60 or 120 minutes). You can also combine with burglary fire safety.

Data Cabinet with fire protection
More information at Data Cabinet DIS

Deposit Safe
With drawer or throw-in mechanism suitable for a night-Safe operation. About the throw-in, every user can perform their disposal (like money) itself.

Documents are data and writings that not only be present in paper form, but rather archived on digital media. They are used singly or in combination with other documents called up and processed.

Documents Cabinet with fire protection
The documents safe is burglary / fire security and serves for archiving documents. It is divided into LFS30P according to EN15659 (slight fire protection) S60P and S120P (ie 60 or 120 minutes).


ECB-S, European Certification Board Security Systems,
is the "brand" of the European Security Systems Association (ESSA) eV accredited certification authority according to EN 45 011 for security products. Certification basics are exclusively European standards, like EN 1143-1 against burglar and EN 1047-1 against fire. As a European oriented certification offers the ESSA according to EN 45011 certification services for Safes

  • protction of burglary
  • protection of fire
  • and for high security locks

ECB-S certification confirmed that the products coincide with the European standards.
Type-tested and certified products guarantee to the user that the desired security features and qualities are realized. The ECB-S certification mark is a visible hallmark of type-tested, certified and consistent product quality.

The certification mark contains important information of the product,

  • to the european standards
  • for resistance level, grade
  • or lock-class
  • for consecutive numbering (manufacturer identification and avoid from abuse).

The ESSA is a member of the European Fire and Security Group (EFSG), the European association of national certification organizations for Burglary Resistance Products, alarm systems, fire resistant products, etc. since 1996

European Fire and Security Group (EFSG) ( look at ECB-S ) 

Burglar protection
Value cabinets are divided into resistance levels. The classification depends on the resistance, which is determined by the type test.thereby will be made different attacks with thermal and/or mechanical tools. The determined resistance value are expressed in resistance units (RU = Resistant Unit)

Wall Safes
Einwandiger Schrank nach EN 1143-1 bzw. prEN 14 450, der im Mauerwerk eingebaut und fest verankert wird. Einmauerschränke können Wertschutzschränke mit Widerstandsgrad I, II oder III nach EN 1143-1 sein oder Sicherheitsstufen für Sicherheitsschränke nach prEN 14 450 angehören.  

Einsatzschrank (Möbeleinsatzschrank)
Schrank in verschiedenen Widerstandsgraden bzw. Sicherheitsstufen mit kleinen Abmessungen, der in Möbel oder hinter Wandverkleidungen fest eingebaut wird. Einsatzschränke können den Widerstandsgraden für Wertschutzschränke nach EN 1143-1 sowie den Sicherheitsstufen nach prEN 14 450 entsprechen.  

VdS-approved intruder alarm system (alarm system)

ENEuropa Norm, hier speziell die Normen zur Typprüfung und Zertifizierung von Geldschränken und Behältnissen.Für die Typprüfung in den ECB-S anerkannten Prüflaboratorien und die Zertifizierung werden ausschließlich die Anforderungen der relevanten Europäischen Norm zugrunde gelegt.

Europa Norm, hier speziell die Normen zur Typprüfung und Zertifizierung von Geldschränken und Behältnissen.
Für die Typprüfung in den ECB-S anerkannten Prüflaboratorien und die Zertifizierung werden ausschließlich die Anforderungen der relevanten Europäischen Norm zugrunde gelegt.

Special protection against explosion


An efficient and secure filing is unavoidable for a productive work.
Kept documents must be retrievable quickly.
More info at  Steel Cabinets

Fire is the source of danger no. 1 for datas.

Fire safety
Fire-proof safes are tested in a special process of the official Civil Engineering Materials of the TU Braunschweig IBMB on their suitability of fire. Used is a specially made-up fire-test room in which the safes (Document / Data cabinets) are subjected to a fire test in combination with a fall test and also the fire-resisting test

Fire-resistance test sequence:

  • 2 h Fire-resistance test at about 1.090 degree at the TU Braunschweig (nach VDMA 24991, part 1. Security level S 120 DIS).
  • The burners are turned of after 120 minutes.
  • The glowing Safe remains in the fire room till the highest internal temperature has been reached.
  • After this, when the temperatures begin to fall, the test is completed.
  • The measured data gets obtained. The highest internal temperature was partially reached after 8 till 10 hours.
  • The stored media (diskettes) are then played in the TU Braunschweig, the data must be impeccable legible.

A firewall is a network component, which impede unauthorized access of a network ( like the Internet) to another network (like the intranet).Firewalls can be used to allow the connected computers from a local network to access the Internet, but completely shield the network from intruders of the  Internet.

The FuP was founded in 1967 as a predecessor of ESSA with the aim to develop standards and testing requirements as the basis for the classification and quality assurance of Safe. on base from this test, - certification- and quality assurance system, the FuP issued RAL certificates until December 2001


German Insurance Association

Gun Safe
Safe for the storage of weapons and ammunition in accordance with § 36 of the Weapons Act of 11 October 2002.

Grade (fire protection)
Designation of Fire resistance classification of safety cabinets according to EN 1047-1 against fires eg S 120 DIS: "S" stands for cabinet, "120" stands for 120 minutes (2 hours), "DIS" stands for floppy disk memory.


Heat test (Fire Safety)
The official Civil Engineering Materials Testing IBMB of the TU Braunschweig checked Data/ Document cabinets on fire safety. The examination consists of a combined heat-drop test. After the successful test grades (eg S 120 DIS) are according to RAL-RG 626/7 (outdated but still in use in the market) and EN 1047-1 awarded.


Inspection plate / test label
Usually  mounted on the inside of the safe door. The right figure shows, for example, a test plate of the VdS. Other testing organizations are, for example, ECB-S

valuable resource of today's "information age", their cost (and active value) for the production and management are usually not included, they are the main basis of an information infrastructure and consist at the IT sector usually from digitized data, in addition to the IT sector these include available for persons or documented by people and taught knowledge, skills (know-how), etc

ISO certification
Certification of the quality management system according toISO 9001:2008 a manufacturer of products of Safes  through a  accredited authority

ISO 9001
Quality standard of ISO  to ensure the tracing of internal processes, optimization of individual processes, improve quality of products / services, indemnity consistent documentation.

Information technology

Structural conditions of buildings, rooms and Safes, which are used for the use of IT (systems and data).

The state of an IT system, in which the risks that are present due to threat (technical, logical and physical) when using this system are limited by appropriate action at an acceptable level.The state of an IT system, in which the risks that are present due to threat (technical, logical and physical) when using this system are limited by appropriate action at an acceptable level.

Functional unit of hardware and software that collects data, recorded, processed, uses, stores, transmitted, processed program-controlled, internal represents, outputs and recovers.

Information and communication technology



KB (core drill protection)
Through a special reinforcement KB Safes a particularly high protection against attack with diamond drills, which they are actuarially to the next higher resistance level, eg: WG V KB = actuarially WG VI

Key cabinet
The key cabinet is an organizational mean to arrange your keys. Removable hook strips and colorful labelling are the features.

KonTraG (Corporate Sector Supervision and Transparency Acthttp://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/Act.html)
The since 1998 valid Act requires incorporated companies to carry out an adequate risk management, which includes the duty of the Board to make all relevant weak points transparent which could be threatening for a company. According to prevailing opinion, the law also applies to large limited companies.



Blank cassette machine for night safes or deposit systems. Used for dispensing of night safe cassettes to customers.


Mechanical security
See Physical Security

Walls of stone or concrete contain large amounts of crystalline-bound water. In case of fire this means a humidity of 100%. This is too much for a disk to withstand without damage




Physical security
Protection of data and computer systems against damage from threats like Power failure, fire, burglary and theft.

Preventive and comprehensive measures package for safety

prEN (provisional European Norm)
Preliminary European standard, which is still in the European voting procedure. After approval by the national bodies of the European partner countries, this standard becomes final.



Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification (formerly known as committee for delivery terms).

remaining risk
A risk which basically remains in different multitude, although security measures have been taken against threats.

risk analysis
Systematic capture of the real and ideal values ??of contents and data of a computer system with their function dependents while regard the flaw of the system as well as the threats and weakness of these values ??and functions.

The area of the determination of security risks of the developing solutions and implementing such solutions, based on a cost-benefit analysis and a desired safety standards.

RU (Resistant Unit) -resistance unit
Numeric value which express the resistance value of Safes according to EN 1143-1 to burglary and violence.


A Safe is a special protected vessel for valuables and items as for instance Guns, to protect them against burglary.
The protection is usually done by special material and structure, usually multi-wall construction of all walls and the doors in steel, possibly with concrete filling. Closure mechanism of the doors is a particularly secure key, electronics, time or number lock, or the combination of several lock types.
Locking of the door is carried by several steel pins on three sides of the door. On the hinge side of the lock is usually done by a mesh of the door leaf with the safe body. Safes are divided into different security classifications. The spectrum ranges from simple, single-walled steel safe for home use weighing up to thousands of tons of high security safes with meter-thick steel doors and concrete for the storage of nuclear weapons.

Wrapping bag to use once. Used for dropping money / valuables in banks / business branch and replaced increasingly the night Safe.

Safe door
With a Safe door, you can protect an entire room from unwanted access. Please contact us for models with closed frame and with corner frame

Security levels
Planning and development of measures that are necessary for the security of information and data, computer systems and the entire information infrastructure of a company, an organization or a country.

Safe in two security levels, which conform to EN 14 450. It is used mainly for storage of record trove and valuables.

Security levels
Name of the classification of the resistance of Safes S1 and S2 EN 14450 and steel cabinets A and B according to VDMA 24992 (5/95) against burglary.

Security target
Bestimmung der Art und Umfang der Schutzmaßnahmen für die verschiedenen Sicherheitsstufen

SU (Security Unit)
Numeric worth of 14 450 which means the resistance of safety cabinets according to EN against burglary and violence.


Not only physical influences threaten data resources constantly. Often there is also a case of wanton damage, destruction or theft by human hands.

Material thickness of the Safe-wall (in mm. Example TW 400 = safe wall 400mm



German Engineering Association, trade association of German machine and plant engineering

VdS Schadenverhütung im Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. Der VdS wurde 1947 als Verband der Sachversicherer gegründet. Hieß zwischenzeitlich Verband der Schadensverhütung und heißt seit 1997 VdS Schadensverhütung GmbH. Das VdS-Zeichen wurde als Qualitätsmerkmal beibehalten. Der VdS führt Tests durch, die den Einbruchschutz qualifizieren.


Virus scanner
A virus scanner is a part of an anti-virus software. He vetted regularly automatically or on command, all data stored on a computer for viruses, worms and trojans and removed them.

Viruses are small programs or program parts settled down to other computers and attach itself to other programs, where they multiply like their biological example and can cause damage.

Value cabine
Cabinet in different resistance levels, which conforms to the European standard EN 1143-1. It is used for storage of cash, valuables and records.