SFE 300309.00
Special feature: If you need a safe lock-up for the valuables of multiple users

Flush front; door from 3 mm steel, stand alone; for mounting with angle frame or built in safe

Height Width Depth
Each bay, to 100/330/400
Each bay, to 200/330/400
Each bay, to 300/330/500
Each bay, to 500/330/500
Each bay, to 750/330/500
The inside width of the door opening is smaller (height: -2mm, width: - 65mm, depth:-40mm)

Hinges: External
Door opening angle: 90°

Cylinder lock
2 keys per box, (58 mm or 65 mm, due to the type of lock), standard per box

Outer dimensions in mm
Outer dimensions in mm 600 x 250 x 250
Inner dimensions in mm*
Inner dimensions in mm* 400 x 240 x 190
File 0 pcs
Weight 25 kg
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Standard 7035
Against surcharge Specialpainting RAL
Specialpainting RAL
Standard Cylindrical lock
Cylindrical lock
Main locking system (cylinder lock)
Bank lock
Other equipment
Depository slot in safety deposit door, single walled, to designated dimension
Depository slot with hatch in safety deposit door, per locker
Base about 100 mm, per block
Surcharge front stainless steel 1 mm, H = 200 mm (SFE)
Surcharge front stainless steel 1 mm, H = 300 mm (SFE)
Surcharge front stainless steel 1 mm, H = 500 mm (SFE)
Surcharge front stainless steel 1 mm, H = 750 mm (SFE)
Socket for substructure
Surcharge front stainless steel 1 mm, H = 100 mm (SFE)
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External dimensions: 600 x 250 x 250 (HxBxT in mm)
Inner dimensions : 400 x 240 x 190 (HxBxT in mm)
Shelves: 0
Door: 1 Winged
Quantity folder: 0
Content (liter) : 0
Weight (kg): 25

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