STW 1 510019.00
Special advantages: Only the dummy socket is visible when the safe is closed. The central and side drawers are easy to remove. This safe is especially suitable for jewellery. Space is available for cash, saving books, cheques, passports etc, after the base plate has been removed no accessories for this safe.
Security level: Housing of steel Robust against forced access

Solidly built
Body 2 mm thick from high quality steel

Socket dummy with snap lock, Middle drawer with a double-bit high security lock with 7 tumblers
2 keys (58 mm)

Outer dimensions in mm
Outer dimensions in mm 130 x 360 x 130
Inner dimensions in mm*
Inner dimensions in mm* 126 x 330 x 105
File 0 pcs
Weight 4 kg
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Standard Double bit lock
Double bit lock
1,52 MB
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External dimensions: 130 x 360 x 130 (HxBxT in mm)
Inner dimensions : 126 x 330 x 105 (HxBxT in mm)
Shelves: 0
Door: 1 Winged
Quantity folder: 0
Content (liter) : 0
Weight (kg): 4

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